Ceremonial Castings began in the late fall of 1996. The band was founded by still existing members Jake Superchi (Lord Serpent) & brother Nick Superchi (OldNick). The basis of the writing & the lyrical foundation striving on the art of black magic, witchcraft & rituals that could only lead to the name of Ceremonial Castings.

Hailing from the town Battle Ground which is located in the dark forests of Washington state (USA) it is no surprise that the curses that are spewed forth are a perfect mix of unrelenting majestic chaos. The recipe contains itself with the magicks of Black, Death, & Thrash Metal to Classical, Symphonic & Dark Ambient combining into the band’s self deemed sound as “American Deathphonic Black Metal” or now known as "Bewitching Black Metal".

From 1996 to 2000 the band released many demo tapes & rehearsals often recorded live with a drum machine. Most of these demos still can be found if you search deep enough but many of them vanquished among the bands approval.

In 2001 the first full length demo “The Garden Of Dark Delights” was recorded along with the new addition of live drumming. The drums were done by Lord Serpent & this finally gave the band the sound & the freedom they were finally looking for.

A year later in 2002 the band wrote & recorded another full length titled “Into The Black Forest Of Witchery” which later on came to be one of the bands most popular albums & still is to this day.

2003 brought two more full lengths “Midnight Deathcult Phenomena” & “Universal Funeral March.” These two album consisted of the raw brutality that CC holds & helped the band establish part of the following they have today. These 2 demos are believed to be where the band polished their mixture of Symphonic Black & Death Metal.

In 2004 the band decided to re-record the entire version of their 2002 demo “Into The Black Forest Of Witchery.” The new crisper & cleaner sounding recording was mass distributed & brought the band more attention & broadened their fan base. Also in 2004 came the addition of a live drummer & still existing member Matt Mattern (Bloodhammer).

2005 CC released their 1st pro release “Immortal Black Art” through Dark Forest Productions. This also was the time when the band hooked up with famous artist Kris Verwimp (Vital Remains, Marduk, Absu ect…) & finally a logo. To this day CC are still working with Kris & plan to keep him as their personal artist as long as they can.

On 06/06/06 CC released their 2nd pro release titled “Barbaric Is The Beast” hosting a cd release show that held over 350 fans in Portland, Or. This album is as barbaric as it sounds & crushes listeners with ease.

In 2008 the latest album “Salem 1692” has been released. This album is a concept album based off the Salem Witch Trials & another known name The Crucible. This album not only is a concept but also a mark of 2/3rds of the members bloodlines which lead back to Judge John Hathorne himself. This album was a plan from the beginning & finally in 2008 was conquered along with a successful tour covering half the country.

Later in 2008 by popular demand “Into The Black Forest Of Witchery” has been remastered & re-released along with 4 bonus tracks.

With a set back in 2009, the next full length was on hold to only bring out the unplanned 2010 release "Beast In Black". This album features b-sides, rare, unreleased & bootleg tracks. Definitely a must for the 'Castings collectors.

In the fall of 2011 "March Of The Deathcult" was finally released. The album consisted of 7 handpicked tracks from the "Midnight Deathcult Phenomena" & "Universal Funeral March". The rest of the album is filled with some original remastered demos & covers. With this release there was a west coast tour from Seattle down to Los Angeles.

Now in 2012 CC is getting ready to release an upcoming live album titled "Bewitching Black Metal. It will consist of 9 live tracks recorded at the Northwestern Black Circle festival in 2011 along with 2 bonus tracks. While this release is getting ready to be unleashed the crew is in the studio working on a brand new concept album "Cthulhu". When this album will be finished & released is unknown at this time.

In September of 2012 CC will be heading to Central America for their 1st "out of country" tour along side Norwegian giants Gorgoroth. Dates include Costa Rica, El Salvador & Guatemala.